About Vasile Adamescu

The story of Professor Vasile Adamescu’s life (September 5th 1944 – December 6th 2018) has impressed and still impresses many people, because he represents a model to follow, a very special person, a kind and warm soul. At a very young age, he lost both his sight and his hearing completely, but this has not stopped him from fighting and winning.

Despite lacking vision and hearing, Vasile Adamescu graduated the university, became a teacher helping children with deafblindness, wrote books, knew five foreign languages, he was a sculptor and fought to promote the rights of people with deafblindness. Between 2015-2018, he was a member on the Board of Sense International Romania.

I was born on September 5th 1944, in the village Borcea, Ialomita County. I was the second child of my parents, Zamfir and Voica, a family of poor peasants, but hard working.

Until the age of two, my life went on normally. Unfortunately, my mother died prematurely, from a mere cold. Not long after, a great misfortune would happen to me: my family was out working the fields and I was left home, in the care of an aunt. I fell asleep on the porch and a cold rain autumn started, which gave me a bad cold. As back then old folk remedies were the main cure, my grandmother tried to treat me the best she could. After just a few months, I started losing my most basic senses: vision and hearing. My father took me to the doctors, but it was in vain.

Until the age of  eleven, I lived in total silence and in darkness,  after which I was taken to the School for Visually Impaired Children in Cluj. Florica Sandu, an enlightened teacher, managed the impossible, teaching me to speak, write, read…

I graduated highschool, then I entered the Special Education Faculty which I graduated in 1977. I became a teacher at the same school where I had learned as a pupil, and I worked there for almost three decades.

Between 1983-1986, I enrolled in the courses of the Folk Arts School, studying sculpture. I loved sculpture since I was a child. I learned new methods in pottery, and I managed to work on busts, vehicles, animals, buildings. In 2010, I received the title of Honorary Citizen of Cluj Napoca. One year later, I received the title: Person of Disabilities of Year 2011.

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